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Our team are highly experienced, we know hair, we know hair products, so
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“Online, face to face, personalised hair appointments are now a reality, thanks to Hairdressers Online”.
Book your appointment and chat all things hair from the comfort  of your own home or work place with our team of experienced hair stylists. 
Choose from a range of personalised consultations or join us for regular mini group sessions for FREE!  Follow our Socials for dates 
and times and lets have a little hair fun.
Some of our upcoming sessions include:
– How to best user products you already have in your cupboard
– How to embrace your natural hair
– Products that help tame your natural wave & fight frizz
– Fundamental curls “Curls that Last”
– Fundamental straightening

15 minute REGULAR Personalised Hair Consult

30 minute DELUXE Personalised Hair Consult

15 minute REGULAR Personalised Product Consult

30 minute DELUXE Personalised Product Consult

30 minuite “HOW TO” Blowdry Consultation

I had one of the Deluxe Personalised Consultations and it was fabulous. I wanted to change my look and needed advice on what would suit me.

Rhonda also gave me some great advice on what products would suit the style we chose.






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Hairdressers Online, Personalised for you, your hair, and your goals

Hairdresser Online is the perfect place for you to have a personalised consultation regarding hair products, hairstyle, or hair colour selection that suit you best.

At Hairdresser Online, we provide comprehensive hairstylist consultation and high-quality hair product brands that will ensure your experience exceeds your expectations. Our selection of hair products and tools have been very carefully curated by our team of haircare professional, our team of hairstylist are also constantly striving to provide clients with the utmost professional service.

With our online hair consultation, our stylists will get to know you, your hair, and your goals. Then, we can determine the perfect products and tools that suit your hair needs and goals. 

We understand that every person who comes through our doors has their own style, with a different hair type from curl, wavy, straight, etc. That is why our consultation is personalised for each customer and we stocked many different kinds of hair products to give the most suited hair products for your hair.

Find the top-rated hair products for damaged hair, dry hair, curly hair, thinning hair and the best hair products all at Hairdressers Online! 

Check out various hair products from ghdELEVENgoldwellkerasilkkms. You can also gift your friends, family, lover, or any special person in your life with Pamper Hampers which are also available here at Hairdressers Online.

Australia’s Leading Online Haircare Products

Hair is one of the most prominent parts of your beauty. It is an important part of your appearance as it sets the tone for your look. That’s why just like your skin, your hair deserves the best hair care treatment. Giving the right treatment, looking after the condition of your hair and scalp and keeping it looking at its best is very important. 

If you’re experiencing hair loss, having fine hair, dry hair, oily hair, etc, you can book an appointment with us and we will make sure to give you the tips for your hair treatment as well as provide hair care products that are best for you and your hair.

Like how skincare is to makeup, having a proper hair care routine will make your hair healthier, and make hair styling a cinch. Any kind of hairstyling will look better and last longer on you. 

Scroll our products now to discover the perfect hair-care products from cleansing shampoo to remove excess oil from your hair and scalp, shampoo for your coloured hair, protein & moisture blend to strengthen and nourish dry hair, nourishing shampoo for your dry hair, conditioner, frizz-control cream for frizz-prone hair, smoothing serums and nourishing oils, and many more. Whatever is the hair type you can find the right care product here at Hairdressers Online.

Top Rated Hair-Styling Tools and Products

Each hair-Styling product and tool at Hairdressers Online will give you the power of no-hassle styling. Every person has an individual style, long, layered hairstyles and short hairstyles need hair styling products to add volume, texture, reduce frizz, add moisture, increase curl and many more! Whether you have a straight hairstyle, curly hairstyle or wavy hairstyle, hair styling products at Hairdressers Online will help to tame your mane.

Style your hair like a pro with our available hair styling products, including curling irons, straighteners, hairdryers, styling cream and even a hair straightening brush. 

Check out our best hair products for all hair types! Get the hair that feels and looks fabulous with our collection of hair products and quality hair styling tools. 

Find your best hair look today with Hairdressers Online!

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